Stacking Carousel

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Use One, Two, Three or More Carousel Trays Organize Small Parts and Supplies.


  • Each carousel tray includes 6 compartments.
  • Stackable spindle allows trays to be stacked and still spin for better access.
  • Each tray sold separately in a master pack of 6.
  • Available in black.


  • Dimensions: 12" W, 12" D, 6.875" H
  • Shipping Weight: 5.70 lbs. (6 pack)


Nothing superior

picture framer September 24, 2012

I use these trays to organize small hardware like different size screws, wire hanger hardware and various other necessities of my straight blades, label rolls and miscellaneous pieces and odd parts. The shear beauty of this design is... for a reasonable price, what you need is at your fingertips instead of being in various other places around the shop. There's no hunting thru containers of mixed sized screws or looking thru drawers or on shelves. It's right there. It saves time, steps and unnecesary interuption - to be able to just swivel the trays to the part you need to use - to complete the job! I've stacked them as much as four high but they'll easily go higher depending upon how many different items you want to organize. Thanks for a great product. It's so simple, it's elegant =)

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The base

jG September 30, 2013

The SO-100 system is great. Just wondering~ is there a base unit so the bottom ray can rotate also? jg inTX

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Base A Good Idea

mcerul February 23, 2014

I agree a base to allow the bottom tray to swivel would be a great addition to this product. I would be very interested in purchasing one if it were available.

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Great product, as everyone says, needs accessories.

Huw Powell September 19, 2014

I bought five. Glued a lazy susan thing to the bottom one - that is accessory number one that should be offered, a rotating base of some sort. I am in the middle of trying to come up with a simple way to make a few dozen dividers - I store many small electrical connectors in these and need more, smaller spaces. That is accessory number two. A pack of 6, 12, 24, whatever, matching plastic dividers perhaps with sticky edges for installation. If you think you need these trays, you won't be disappointed.

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