Portable Case with Electronic Lock

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Designed to Secure a Wallet, Credit Cards, Cell Phone or other Valuables. Available in Black.


  • Electronic locks allows for a 3 to 8 digit combination to be programmed into the case. Includes a backup key.
  • Slim line design allows for storage in a briefcase, under the seat of many cars and trucks.
  • Foam padded interior protects the contents during transit.
  • Meets TSA airline guidelines.
  • Body is designed for case to be secured with steel cable (1500 test lbs.) Cable is included.


  • Exterior Dimensions : 11” W x 8-1/4” D x 2-3/8” H
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
  • Interior Capacity: All Storage
  • Locking Points: 1-Steel Cam
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 12.75”W x 9”D x 2.75”H
  • Color: Black



Bill July 19, 2012

Works great and available at great prices. Looking forward to the PC-900 for a little bigger size.

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Very effective and portable

westland July 19, 2012

Great storage for the price. Very portable and the wire attachment is very easy to use. One difficulty is to make sure the batteries are place correctly. One reversed battery will cause it to not work.

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gets it done

tim August 29, 2012

Does exactly what you want it to. Easy to program the code. Easy to open and close in complete darkness. Heavy enough to stay in place, and small enough to easily conceal. The best buy I could find for the price.

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Engineering/Manufacturing Problem

Steve Holder September 13, 2012

Firstly I love this little security box. The size is great and it is secure. It is portable. The situation I have run into is that there is a plastic oval piece that fits over a keyed shaft from the little electric motor. There is nothing securing that piece to the motor shaft. After time it can work it's way off of the shaft (in my case it did) When this happens, you better have a key or you are stuck. In fairness to Stack-On they offered to replace this unit but unless they have fixed this issue, it will be an issue on the next one I get. Please fix this issue. I do love the box. If you are handy and can fix things yourself and can keep the key handy, get it but if you are depending upon it opening with electronics, don't count on it. I did report the issue so hopefully they will do something about it on future releases of the item.

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Awesome slim security safe

Caleb September 16, 2012

This personal security safe is awesome... I bought it because it has a slim profile and has the option of being open either with an electronic code or with a backup key. I bought it to store my .357 magnum revolver for instant access to protect myself and my wife against a violent criminal attack. Highly recommended if you own a gun...

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A review

kimbrcd October 1, 2012

Pros: +keyed entry and keyless entry +Compact case +Has security cable +Fits standard size and compact handguns Cons: -Battery drained within week. maybe due to faulty batteries. haven't tested new ones yet. -Keyless entry is flakey, doesn't always register code you enter when pressing multiple buttons at once. -Battery compartment requires bolts to be unscrewed. I am going to get winged nuts for it. -wires exposed inside.

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Great Solution

Rory October 19, 2012

This is a great solution to having your valuables secured yet available for quick use. I've got this wired to my bed frame at home and it goes along in the bed of my F150 on trips. I ordered an extra cable to prevent having to move it around all of the time as this goes practically where I go !

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Little Problem

Freddy June 27, 2014

I really like my security box as it is very easy to use and program. The only issue I found is that I had it on the floor inside my car and it hard landed on its side and the key pad quit working. To make matters worst I did not have my keys with me as I was moving and they got packed away. I could not even order new ones because I did not have a new mail address either. I had to force it open and after inspecting the battery box I found out one of the batteries had come off when it landed on its side making the key pad inop. I put some electrical tape to secure the batteries and that worked, however the key feature is busted now. I hope they come with a fix to this problem in the new ones. Overall great product.

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Good safe for the price

dvfd March 31, 2014

I purchased this safe to keep my full size pistol in my night stand. The added steel cable is a nice touch for ensuring my safe won't easily walk away. Only negatives are, the battery compartment has screws that need to be removed and replaced every time and the wiring is pretty loose in that compartment. The biggest con is the beeping is pretty loud when you push the buttons to enter the safe. I placed some electrical tape over the electronic speaker - this helped a lot. I live in Canada and we require a trigger lock on a stored handgun and the beeping could give away the few extra seconds I may need,to flip the combination on my trigger lock and remove it. I have had the safe for about 1 year and changed the batteries once just to keep them fresh.

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Love this thing!

Stangfreak April 7, 2014

I bought this over another much more expensive bio-metric brand, saved $140. Perfect dimms to mount in my suv to keep my glock safe. Loved this so much and at it's price point...I bought another exact unit for the house.......

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Perfect for small arms

Legoman March 3, 2014

Great easy to us and reliable Looking to buy another one right now

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Inconsistent opening

Irish26 January 30, 2014

I like the design and ruggedness of the safe, but I have continued problems with it opening consistently. More often than not, the unit fails to open on the first try. The mechanism moves and it sounds like its opening, but you can't open the lid until you enter the code a second time. I have yet to resolve the issue with Stack-on.

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Good Buy

The Saint February 6, 2014

Owed this little unit for 6 months. Works great. Just had to replace batteries and is from almost daily use. Great size. Fits full size weapons like a Glock 17.

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It kept the TSA out. That's good enough for me

spoonware May 1, 2014

Yesterday I traveled with the Stack-On PC-650 in my checked bag with two pistols in it. I followed all of the procedures for traveling with these weapons legally. When I got to my destination I found nearly everything in my bag had been unpacked, searched and repacked. I also found the gun box badly scratched and with two dings in the bottom, one hard enough to remove the paint. The batteries had been knocked loose so I needed the key to open it. The plastic caddy holding the batteries was in pieces and the batteries were loose. It's my firm belief the TSA inspector's goal was to either get the box open so they could charge me with a violation or to at least damage my weapons. The box did it's job of keeping the guns secure despite the efforts of the TSA. Nice job, Stack-On. I will continue to buy and use your products.

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Great case but it took forever to get....

Night Ranger May 19, 2014

This case was the perfect solution to a concern I had regarding my Glock model 21 firearm. I wanted the firearm accessible and in close proximity to my bed. However, I wanted the weapon to be secure, yet quickly accessible if it was needed. This case will give you the best of both worlds. The only problem that I have noticed so far, is that I had to special order this case through a retailer. My special order was then put on back order. 1 month later, (after the case has been paid for in advance), the retailer finally tells me it's in. I have owned this case for about a week and haven't noticed any issues with the product itself. This case can hold a fully loaded Glock model 21 with a +2 extended floor plate on the magazine, plus an additional high capacity magazine without any issues. Thank you Stack On. I no longer have to be concerned about the firearm issue.

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Pungent odor.

Joe C. January 31, 2015

I absolutely loved this case when I first bought it @ Gander Mountain.Electronic & key locks worked great,and it is the perfect size for securing two small caliber handguns while traveling or away from home.My problem is the more I used the electronic lock to open the case I noticed a indescribable pungent odor emanating from case.I removed the foam padding with the thought of replacing it to eliminate the odor but that didn't work.Now both of my firearms have this odor attached to them.I can only assume the odor arose from use of the electronic lock.I didn't notice the odor when I bought the safe.I plan to follow up with Customer Service.

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Great Case But....................

Ian March 19, 2015

It is a great case but..... When I went to install the batteries for the first time the catch on the battery box broke off, the batteries bulged the battery box and the batteries lost contact. I currently have the battery box wrapped with tape and half falling out of the spot where they sit. Biggest problem is that I emailed Stack-On about the problem and I have had no reply after almost two months. I like it and I don't want to send it back due to the time and expense required. I am happy to solder in a new battery box (hopefully of better quality) and that is all I asked for, but no reply??

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