10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet

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Holds 10 Rifles or Shotguns up to 52" Tall. Available in Black Gloss Paint Finish.


California DOJ-approved firearms safety device.
This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. 3-point locking system with double-bitted, key coded lock provides greater security.
Adjustable shelves are included.
Cabinet holds 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52" tall. A removable shelf is included. Shelf is positioned in the back of the cabinet so longer guns can be stored in the front along the side walls. Foam padded bottom and barrel rests reduce scratches.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 17" W (43.2cm), 13-1/2" D (34.3cm), 53" H (135cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 68.40 lbs.
  • Interior Capacity: 10 guns plus removable shelf
  • Number of Shelves: 1
  • Locking Points: 3
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 17-1/2" W, 14-1/4" D, 55-5/8" H
  • Color: Black gloss paint finish with chrome accents
  • Notes: Not recommended for storing CD's or other electronic storage devices. Fastening hardware is included with each safe.


Great quality for the price

NomadeMD August 17, 2012

I bought this cabinet and I love it. It is well made, paint and shipped. It is more than I was expected. I'm very happy to have it. The lock system is tight, very secure for a cabinet. (it is not a safe is a cabinet). Price is very good, and I like that another module can be add. The only thing that I don't like is the foam for the barrel rest and floor. For this reson I giving this cabinet four stars. But I recommend to buy this product.

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good quality 10 gun cabinet

Jerry S November 14, 2012

The cabinet itself is good quality but the foam barrel rest is very cheesy. The video for this cabinet shows molded barrel rests with offsets for scoped rifles but thats not what it comes with. You have to turn your scoped guns sideways to fit which gives you room for about 4 guns.

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Rodney January 21, 2013

I bought this one after looking at a 14 gun at a local store. I was very disappointed when I got this home and really checked it out. I would not recommend this to anyone with guns other than air rifles without scopes.

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good cabinet for the price

Zeus March 14, 2013

Picked this up at one of the big 5 on sale for $109, for the price its hard to beat, its a very sturdy cabinet, the rifle supports initially look cheap, (they probably are) their just foam with double sided tape on the back, but they work surprisingly well. and can be easly replaced with something more sturdy or deeper for scooped rifles. the cabinet has a secure 3 point lock, and is pre drilled and includes hardware to mount it too a wall, the shelf is small but works great for magazines or ammo, or even to lay a pistol or two on. rifles wise under the shelf your limited to shorter rifles around the 42-43" range with room on each side for 2 long guns. This is a cabinet and not a safe, its secure enough to keep the wondering child out or a teen looking for a quick buck. but not much else. Even with its short comings i feel for the price its a great product for someone just looking for a storage cabinet so it give it 5 stars.

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Cabinet Review

Dave November 8, 2013

Like the other reviews state, this is a cabinet, not a safe. But, as far as being a cabinet, it is well made, secure and attractive. I have 9 scoped and non scoped rifles, and everything fits in their fine. The foam is sufficient for keeping the rifles from getting scratched on metal to metal contact. It is difficult to store scoped rifles, but as I said, I got them in there. The supplied mounting screws are way too short. I used 4" hex bolts with doubled up washers to secure two side and the bottom to studs in the wall and floor. This will keep it steady, but will not thwart a prepared burglar. This cabinet will slow their progress, and will keep opportunistic robbers and children out of it. I considered adding some aluminum bars to increase strength, but if a thief takes to cutting into it, it's all over. I am recording my serial numbers and keep a digital record of my firearms in case of theft. If you can put this in a hidden place, all the better. Hiding items in plain site can be effective. Overall, I feel the $99 I paid was well worth it, and I am happy with this gun cabinet, and the peace of mind it offers.

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Gets the job done

gingican May 14, 2013

I was looking for a cheap safe to lock my guns in and this was the cheapest I could find. It works to keep people from getting to them but that's about all it's good for. It'd be nice if the molded barrel rests advertised in the video came with this because the foam barrel rests are garbage and I can't find anywhere to buy the molded barrel rests. The foam doesn't stick out enough for scoped long guns so you have to put them at a ridiculous tilt that takes up a lot of space. Overall it gets the job done but the capacity will plummet if you have any scoped long guns.

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Solid cabinet

Steve July 3, 2013

I bought this because of the price, not the quality. I thought it wasn't much of a gun cabinet, until I had to drill a couple of holes in it. Holy Smokes ! It took a lot of effort to drill just one hole and I had to drill three. I followed directions and mounted in a corner. In the back of the cabinet, I bolted to the same stud, one near the top of the cabinet, the other near the bottom. Along the side of the cabinet, I attached to a stud half way up. You can either remove the baseboard to put the cabinet flush up against the wall, or you can put a 1x2 along the cabinet as a shim, as I did. I thought the screws that came with the cabinet were way too short, so I bought 3 inch lag bolts. If you attach as I did, the cabinet is solid, no twisting, no flexing as it did before it was bolted down. I have 5 long guns and it's tight. I wouldn't put more than 6 in it. My guns are worth only a few hundred each, so in case of a fire, I've lost them. But look at the fire rating on a fire safe. 1700 degrees for an hour? What fire lasts only an hour? My objective was to secure my guns, properly mounted, this cabinet does that. I'd buy it again.

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Great Entry-Level Safe

GhaVO March 19, 2014

Picked this up at a Sporting Goods store for about $110. I have to admit, you get more than what i paid for. The 3 point system is sturdy, lock/key is solid and the overall quality is good. I would like the walls to be a bit thicker but that would push the price up. Perfect for a starter/supplemental safe. Great bang for the buck!

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Bad foam

Rich V September 24, 2014

For the money, this is a great cabinet, just not happy with the foam holders, someone else said you show in the video that you have plastic molded holders and the stand off's for scoped rifles. I watched the video as well. You should have put the plastic molded holders in the box if thats how you are going to advertise them.

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spudbot July 31, 2013

The safe is exactly what I thought I was going to get. Yes it has some cheaper foam padding to hd your guns but it holds it well havent had any problems with it. If you read what the other low reviews say they probably just expect a $300 cabinet but if you want something that fancy buy it don't buy the good more cost effictive brand and then complain.

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Good enough

Gene December 29, 2013

First, this is NOT a safe and isn't meant to be. It's a *cabinet*. It's good enough to do its job, which is to secure your long guns from kids and others. You should secure it to floor and wall as recommended by Stack-On. The foam barrel rests/dividers are a bit on the cheap side, but, they do the job.

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Just what I needed

Kent December 30, 2013

For my needs, this cabinet serves the purpose of secure storage.The quality and paint are very good. It's the right size for someone with a few rifles and handguns, and it fits almost anywhere. Our granddaughter just started walking and I needed a place to store my guns, because having these items unsecured was no longer an option. As long as it is locked, there is no way a toddler will get in this cabinet. It would be nice if the supplied racks were sturdier, but the soft foam racks work ok.

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Cabinet not a safe...

Quixel January 16, 2014

Cabinet is well made, but they could substitute the soft foam for something even a bit more solid for the rifles. That said, I already have a safe, and I bought this strictly for ammo. I'll need to make another shelf, which shouldn't be too hard. And this will work out well for my use. Got it at Menard's for $99...and I sent in for a 11% rebate....can't beat it for the price.

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Great USA Product

gpklp26 August 31, 2014

I purchases this cabinet to replace one having only 6 gun storage I have had for over 10 yrs. Very good quality well made. Thanks for a USA made product !

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Nice cabinet.

Bobh May 24, 2014

After mounting it to the floor and walls I bolted the personal safe to the top of it. More secure than I thought it would be. About $200.00 for peace of mind. I'm very happy. The foam is cheesy but gets the job done.

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No keys.........nice cabinet

tytydog February 3, 2015

Got it delivered today. No keys to be found. I'm hoping someone at this site contact me. Was what I expected.

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Easy to modify

blue88 March 10, 2015

The shorter width made this cabinet fit without blocking a heating grate. This cabinet is actually more flexible than shown. Instead of just 4 long barrel guns shown in pic, you can stagger/offset the guns sideways by an inch & make room for five (I'm doing this for 3 airguns on one side with scopes). Then 3 more shorter guns can fit sideways beneath the shelf for a total of 8. You can make your own scope offsets using the extra styrofoam in the box. Look at other StackOn steel cabinets for a template. You don't have to glue these on, just make one long one & rest the barrels against them. Layout what you want to do for your own custom arrangement.

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