18-Gun Fully Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

Model # GCB-18-C

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Holds 18 Rifles or Shotguns up to 54" Tall, or 9 Firearms and Storage, or All Storage. Available in Gloss Black Finish.


California DOJ-approved firearms safety device.
This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. 3-point locking system with double-bitted, key coded lock provides greater security.
Adjustable shelves are included.
Cabinet holds 18 firearms up to 54" tall, or 9 firearms and storage, or all storage. 4 removable shelves and a top shelf are included. Can be placed on left or right side of cabinet. Foam padding is included for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 21" W (53cm), 18" D (45.7cm), 55" H (140cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 95.75 lbs.
  • Interior Capacity: 18 guns / 9 guns & storage / all storage & 3 guns
  • Number of Shelves: 5
  • Locking Points: 3
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 21-1/2" W, 18-3/4" D, 57-5/8" H
  • Color: Gloss Black with chrome accents
  • Notes: Not recommended for storing CD's or other electronic storage devices. Fastening hardware is included with each safe.


Maybe the best money I've spent this year

RC in Alabama June 9, 2012

For the money you can't beat this cabinet. Look, I don't need or want a full blown, 300 pound safe. I just want my stuff organized in one place and kid/brother-in-law proof. If my house burns or a determined crook wants it all bad enough to do what it takes to steal it, I will be perfectly fine with an insurance check in my pocket. Those are the kind of guns I own. If your's are priceless family heirlooms and you couldn't sleep if something happened to them, then by all means spend big bucks and get a safe. It seems plenty sturdy. The door latches in 3 places - at the lock, and also at the top and bottom of the door. The mechanism is smooth as glass and has a quality feel to it. The black paint is nice and shines well too. White would have been better inside though, so you could see things better. Not a biggie however, I just put one of those stick-on hooks inside the door and keep a pocket flashlight hanging on it. The shelves are what REALY set this cabinet apart from others in the price range though. You will be surprized at all the small things around the house that will fit and suddenly could use a little extra security. So far I've chunked 6 long guns in it - with room for 3 more, plus 5 pistols in soft cases, all ammunition, 3 holsters, cleaning kits and supplies, 4 binoculars, a spotting scope, a camera, several knives, some of wifey's jewelry, and several other smallish, semi-valuable items. We practically cleaned out the best stuff from all the drawers and under all the beds and closet shelves. And there is still a bit room in the cabinet! Anyway, I rarely feel this good about a purchase. Don't hesitate to spring for this item. 5 stars easy.

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JeremyR830309 July 8, 2012

I just bought this cabinet today I love it. I was very impressed with the quality for the price. Turning the key is very smooth and I dont feel like its going to break everytime I turn it. No dings or scratches at all out of the packaging. Only took me about 30 minutes to assemble the shelving system. I put the shelves on the right for all my ammo and handguns and still have enough room to fit my shotguns on the left plus about 5 more if I get more. I like that you cant take the key out when its unlocked. You have to turn it back to the lock position to get it out. Helps me remember to close it before walking away. If I wanted to keep out a professional thief I would have bought a $1500 safe but this will do just fine keeping out my 3 and 9 year olds. Good job Stack-On!!!!

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very nice !!!

Burner August 17, 2012

i just bought a second one,that should say it all :)

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Very happy with this cabinet

GCain December 9, 2012

I'd always assumed locking gun cabinets would be both pricey and heavy in order to provide the necessary security, I was delighted to find I was completely wrong. This is an outstanding product. With appropriate installation (following very easy instructions) it is highly secure from all but the most determined thieves. It looks so good that my wife allowed me to position it right next to her dresser in the bedroom! Couldn't be happier that it's built in the USA!

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Good Product

NoVA January 10, 2013

Good product that was exactly as advertised. I agree with RC that a lighter interior color would make it easier to see things inside. Maybe a thin acrylic or foam coating inside would be a good way to do this and also reduce the sound from things banging around on the metal sides.

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Great Cabinet

Joe December 31, 2012

I received this cabinet as a Christmas gift this year from my wife. I had been hinting at getting one for some time as I needed a place to safely store the guns I inherited from my Dad. It took me less than 30 minutes to install, and much of that time was spent on trying to decide on how I wanted to configure the shelving. I have 3 shotguns and 3 long rifles inside. Plus all my ammunition and 2 handguns with plenty of room to add more. I would defintely recommend this cabinet.

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Jjj November 8, 2014

My favorite parts about this gun cabinet are that none of my guns even fit in here with the top shelf in and that the holes dont line up for the gun holders. Great product lol

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Excellent product

csa43rdga January 15, 2013

I received this for a christmas present from my wife. I am a disabled Vet with limited mobility and it still took less than a hour to assembe. Make sure to look at the pictures as the shelving installation is a bit confusing. I am very happy with the cabinet overall and know that my weapons are now secure. Thank you stack on for a wonderful product.

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18 Gun security cabinet- NOT

Chuckwagon July 22, 2014

This thing has a very large gap between the door and the front- making it easy to insert a pry bar. The metal is probably less the 1mm thick. My unit weighed about 74 pounds -not including the 6 pound cardboard box it came it. The barrel stand offs are too high to accommodate and AR or AK, so they just sorta fall over in the safe. This will keep guns secure from small children, but don't expect much security from an adult who wants to get in and has a crow bar. It is a big school locker.

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Great Cabinet

Delandres January 31, 2013

This cabinet does exactly what I expected it to do. It keeps all of my long guns and hand guns neatly stored. It also keeps my guns out of my kids reach. Bolted it to the floor and wall and it is as sturdy as can be. This is not a safe and with time and tools an intruder can get access to the contents. Overall great purchase and I would highly recommend to someone that is looking for a gun cabinet.

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Best cabinet for the money

Nukemmc February 25, 2013

I bought one of these on Black Friday for $150+tax and went right back and bought another the next day at the same price. I have since bought another (I am a collector) and intend to buy at least a couple more. I have 2 of them set up with just the top shelf and the other set up with one side of shelves. I love the versatility of this cabinet and it has outstanding capacity.

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Write your Congressman -- protect your 2nd Amendment rights

Sisyphus March 5, 2013

Back story: After having to dismantle my last gun cabinet with extreme prejudice thanks to me losing the key, I really wanted a new gun cabinet with a combo lock. However, after a fair amount of in-store and on-line research (and, most importantly, budget limitations), I zeroed in on the 18-gun "Sentinel" gun cabinet [Sentinel is made by Stack-On]. Here's some lessons-learned and some random thoughts: (1) Assembly was fairly straightforward ... as long as I followed the directions. (2) Rather than use the provided lag screws to mount the cabinet against a wood or sheetrock wall, I opted to anchor to a brick wall ... which required bigger holes than the predrilled ones in the back of the cabinet. No biggie ... just something to keep in mind. (3) I was lucky because the height of the holes in the back of the cabinet matched the mortar joints in my brick wall. One-half inch different ... and the holes would have straddled the mortar/brick joint, making it challenging to drill a half-wide hole in the brick till the half-wide hole's depth reached the indented mortar and gave me a whole hole for the bit to bite. (I hope you get the picture. When I read that back, I'm not sure it's clear.) (4) I really like the number and size of the shelves, each dedicated to a pistol and associated accessories. (4) The cabinet's serial # is on the back of the cabinet. You need that serial # to replace lost keys. So, write down the Serial # BEFORE anchoring the cabinet to the wall. I didn't ... and had to disconnect my anchors and pull the cabinet away from the brick wall. What a pain in the tush! (5) Some of my guns (e.g., an AR-15 style carbine) were too short to reach the standard barrel rest position. Fortunately, the shelf/barrel rest configuration I selected left me with spare barrel rest units ... one of which I mounted in addition to and 6 inches below a barrel rest I had already mounted in the standard position. Works like a charm. Unfortunately, to drill lower holes in the cabinet, I had to disconnect my brick anchors (again!) Obvious recommendation: Place all your gear in the cabinet to check out how everything will fit (or not) BEFORE you permanently anchor it to the wall! (6) The standard barrel rest units don't stick out far enough for some iron sights (e.g., AR-15 and some other rifle flip peeps). You need to use the four provided scope rests in those cases. However, I need more than four. I am about to go to the Stack-On website to see if I can acquire a couple more scope rests for a reasonable price. If not, maybe I can dremel scope rests out of 2x4s. (7) Bottom line: There's a lot to like about this cabinet ... and guess what. I haven't lost the keys ... yet! (8) Post script: After some reflection on the safety of my guns with this cabinet, I've concluded that there's no way a burglar will defeat my wall anchors. What scares me is that picture of a burglar equipped with a Sawzall ... or one who finds a Sawzall in your own toolbox. (Wouldn't that suck?!) If this scenario keeps you from sleeping, maybe you should amp up to a real gun safe (yeah ... and with a combo lock).

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Versatile cabinet, only couple minor flaws.

QuackXP April 15, 2013

This is great if you don't own many longarms. I only have a few, plus a few pistols. The rest of the shelving is used for ammo, mags, and reloading supplies. Very versatile for the cost. I rent so a fully blown safe was not practical. When I do own a house and a fireproof safe this will be a good ammo or tool cabinet. My two issue is the top shelf does not extend all the way to the back for some reason. This is the biggest problem, as there is no easy fix. The other issue is the rests for the rifles are to short for my 16" Colt AR-15 and just barely for my Winchester 94. I solved this by drilling identical holes 6" shorter and mounting the rest there. I would buy again or recommend for anyone for whom a full fireproof safe is not practical.

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Great little storage unit

NWshooter April 17, 2013

I just got my Stack-On 18 Gun convertible cabinet and it is exactly what I was expecting. The interior shelving was easy to install but a second pair of hands was helpful. Although I don’t have it full it has enough room for several rifles, pistols, ammo and accessories. I also have all of my medication locked up as well. This is not a full safe but I did not expect one, it will keep my firearms locked away until I can save for a full on vault at which time I make use of this as Ammo and accessory storage.

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Decent, C&R owners may not like it much

USMCGrunt0311 March 18, 2014

I gave it 4 stars mainly because I was able to jockey it around myself after delivery, it was easy to assemble the rests, and it is a good cabinet for keeping kids out and prying eyes away. Any thief with a prybar will however make short work of this cabinet. If you like in a condo/apt complex, this is probably for you though. It won't crash through the floor and you can keep it hidden in a closet or storage space. It also can be lagged into the wall for added security. Now, for the C&R comment. This safe will not store some C&R (curio and relic) long rifles with shelving space. I for one, have many rifles and 11 of them are Mosin Nagant 1891/30s and their Finnish variants. Even as I tried to angle the 91/30s, there was no way to get them in with the shelves, because the are a bit taller than where the prefab holes for the shelves are. One could mount the top shelf in ,by drilling new holes, but you would have to find a new center support for that shelf. Chances are I will need another one for storage of ammo and range gear. its Good all around cabinet!

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J.Sorrells September 4, 2013

For around 10 years I have a owned a Stack-On 12 gun safe with 3 centered mounted shelves. It has served its purpose very well but my collection has grown. I received an add from Cabelas with the Stack-On 18 gun safe on sale for $199. Almost bought the safe there but did not have enough room to haul it. I was shopping at K-mart two days later and found the same safe on sale for $169.99. WHAT A GREAT BUY! I bought 2! Plus K-Mart rewards made the price $159.99. Note: Some of the other reviewers did not understand why the top shelf set forwards in the safe. It is to allow long rifles to go in behind it. Also, for those who are worried about fire ratings, all of the incidents that I know of that the fire rated safes were in the fire, the safe and the contents inside burned. Stack-On please continue to making a good product.

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Ha! 18 guns, my foot!

marvdenny@yahoo.com November 30, 2013

I have a variety of military rifles and I could only get 10 of them in this thing and had to throw away all but the top shelf.

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What I needed and expected

Leroy St. James November 30, 2013

For inexpensive option to store weapons and all the extras that go along with them this completely fits the bill. I don't own thousand dollar guns that are not replaceable. In case of fire I would have bigger issues than my guns. With this bolted to the wall, a thieve would loose interest, not have the time or tools to get anything out of it or carry it away. Was tired of having my guns and accessories sitting in the closet. I did have to move one of the barrel rest 6 inches lower for three guns that aren't long enough for the pre drilled holes. Glad I chose to get a secure means of storing my weapons for less Than the price of a new gun.

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Good deal, good product

Paul November 24, 2013

Overall very useful and decently made. My specific notes, which should hel before and after the sale: 1. Space for 18 long guns is very tight. It would have been better if the cabinet was larger, or the gun rack spacing was a bit wider. 2. Only 4 'scope extenders (for rifles with 'scopes) are provided. 3. Scoped rifles take up even more space, making it even tighter (just use more care taking them in and out). 4. Shorter barrel guns might not rest their barrels on the standard barrel rests. I installed one of the 4 barrel rest sets lower by a few inches to accommodate my several shorter guns (need to drill your own holes). 5. Really long guns have to be snaked behind the top shelf, if you install it. Just takes more care to remove or replace these guns. 6. Bolt-Action Rifles will NOT fit in the Front-Left corner position - the rifle's bolt interferes with the door and/or front of the cabinet. 7. Note that there are many shelving options. If you are storing long guns only, you can leave out all shelving and it's easier to access the contents. 8. One useful accessory is the Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer, which attaches to the inside of the door. Good for storing magazines, etc. 9. Another very useful accessory is Rack'Em 5 Pistol Holster In-Safe Handgun Rack which installs on the inside of the door also (not a Stack-On product). Allows you to store 5 handguns on the door, and clears the long guns and shelf. This way, you won't need a separate handgun cabinet. Plus the handguns are neatly accessible when you open the cabinet door. I have two of these, storing ten handguns in addition to the long guns. I could store even more handguns on the shelf. 10. Hard to see inside, unless you get an accessory light. 11. Actually well built, but keep in mind this is a security cabinet, not a safe. No fire protection, and not totally theft-proof. 12. I did not bolt mine to the wall. With all the heavy guns in it, nobody is going to carry it off!

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Secure storage

ptvolkmar March 25, 2014

I needed a gun safe, and I did not have alot of money to spend. I found this at Dick's on sale. After some time installing the shelves the way I wanted, I had some security. I will end up buying a real safe in the future, but for now my guns can't walk away. get your guns out of your drawers and into one of these.

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Why don't tech writers and engineers . . .

GaryC August 2, 2014

Why don't engineers and tech writers every try to put together what they design and write about? I'm in the middle of putting this cabinet together right now, and now is a good enough time to form an opinion. Unpacking: There were a couple of rivets rattling around in the bottom of the safe, there are places that aren't painted well. But, it wasn't too bad, Getting the box open requires a box cutter and a bit of patience, but it comes right apart. Don't expect to make it into a kitty hotel, though. Assembly. First thing is decide what you want to do with the cabinet. No problem, I want a center divider, and 18 guns Maybe if I can stuff all the short rifles on the left side, I'll add an extra shelf. So, first task, install all the barrel rests. Second task, lay the cabinet down on it's back and install the center divider. Uh, the center divider won't go in because the rear side barrel rests are in the way. $%$(%($!!!! Remove one screw that's already been installed in the center divider, remove divider from cabinet, stand cabinet up, remove barrel rests, lay cabinet back down, install center divider and top shelf, stand cabinet up, install left side barrel rest, go to install right side barrel rest, it doesn't line up with the holes any more. Remove left side barrel rest, unbolt top shelf from center divider, push the divider over, install right barrel rest, loosely, so the center divider rear flange can slide under it, install top shelf screws and nuts . . . again, and then install left side barrel rest. TIP: Installing the four sheet metal screws for the barrel rests into the back of the cabinet, and then placing the rear of the cabinet against a door holds the screws in place while you shove the barrel rests on, assuming you don't have a second set of hands to help you. I haven't finished yet, except for pulling out my hair, so I can't tell you how badly the rest of the build goes, but I think you get the idea. On the bright side, there was a break in at a family member's home, and they had a Stack-On cabinet for 8 rifles, and the thief kicked the door, tried prying it open and such, and was unable. Of course, I also, based on that, bought an electronic pistol safe for myself, and within 18 months one of the welds holding a door hinge broke, and Stack-On never did anything about it. I just hope I have better luck with this.

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Good Value...

blackfeather February 18, 2014

Several factors led me to purchase this cabinet a few months ago, such as space, cost, durability, and movability to name a few. Looking at several other options, time and again I came back to this, Stack-On 18 gun cabinet. First off, living in an apartment means having to maximize limited space and the likelihood of moving at some point in the not too distant future. This cabinet fits perfectly on the back wall of the walk-in closet. If/when I move into a house or another apartment, it won't take a small army to move it. I have it set up for all long guns with only the top shelf for pistols. Several of the rifles I have are scoped, and a few long arms, aren't very long (shotguns, "modern sporting rifles", 22's etc.) Having only 4 of the extended scope rests is a bit of a shortcoming, as is the height issue of the barrel rests themselves. To fix the height issue, I laid the unused shelves and foam that came with the cabinet on the bottom of the cabinet like overlapping tiles. Then I added pillow top seat cushions I had laying around on top in the same pattern. Addressing the extended rests issue will require further investigation. For lighting, I used two push button lights, like the ones from late-night TV ads. One is under the top shelf, and the other is on the bottom of the top of the cabinet. Each cost less than $7.00 and they light up the cabinet nicely. Will this cabinet hold up to a sawzall, as mentioned in a previous post? Probably not. However, it does offer some protection, if not buy some time for the good guys with shiny bracelets to arrive from the suspicious behavior/noise complaints call from neighbors or complex security. (Needless to say, may the Heavens forbid such an incident arise). As to the cost, this cabinet was on sale for less than $200, at Dick's Sporting Goods. Other cabinets/safes out there are apocalypse proof, prices of which start at 4x as much. Most take up a lot more space, (in this case, the whole closet for the same amount of guns), and weigh the same as an old-school Chevy Suburban. Eventually I will likely want, and hopefully be able to get a more secure unit. Who knows?, Maybe I will get lucky and be able to get one of those bank safe/vaults that double as a fall-out shelter/bunker/mobile home/ Abrams tank with security that rivals Fort Knox, but for now, this will suit me fine. It is better than some of the other ones out there too. Beware of these!!! Some "cabinets/safes" are really cheap, and not worth their weight in fecal matter. Some can be opened with a hand-held can opener, or common pocket knife. This cabinet is steel at a steal, there is no plastic, nor compressed aluminum. To add some storage I also purchased "Lock-Down" magnetic holsters for inside the door. Each can hold a fully loaded XDM 4.5 9mm or 1911 with no problem. The overall finish is decent as well, it holds up to a fair amount of banging and clanging from firearms clunking around and the rattling of keys on the door near the lock. For the buck, you get a lot of bang, and save enough to buy some ammo and another toy that goes "bang"...

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not bad if you dont need shelving

almost satisfied April 24, 2014

I purchased this cabinet because all too much of what I have read says that if you have "4" guns, plus some extras you should buy twice what you nned because the cabinets are soo tight. This cab is a bit tight with the 9 gun/shelving config, however following the spec sheet the shelves dont fit properly.and the center devider is not really the appitomy of sturdy... I know these items are designed for minimum security and high turn out but you would think it would be a little less flimsy and designed to fit a little better. Pretty sad that now that it has been bolted into the wall and I am not going to take it out for fear of further weakening the center devider if i happen to bump into it pulling the lag bolts. Guess im stuck with one shelf on top now since as soon as I try to install the rest of the shelves it bows the divider....

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poor quality

NHGUY August 21, 2014

Have bought two 18 gun convertible cabinets in same year. Both with the same problems. Locking mechanism is very poor quality. First cabinet the key snapped off in lock and had to pry open the door to get inside, and the second is starting to show the same problems. Would recommend saving and getting a real gun safe. It serves its purpose as a cheaper alternative, but you get what you pay for. Will never buy this product again.

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Good product -- 20 gage steel -- lock needed tweaking.

dawnhawk November 7, 2014

Just finished installing this. Couldn't resist the price at Menard's early Black Friday sale--less than a C-note with rebate. I'm happy with the final result, but there was one glitch in the process. The locking mechanism had a little too much friction in it and I didn't want to end up with a broken key as one fellow mentioned. The rods were binding slightly against the bolt and the upper guides. I took the rod assembly off and formed (bent) the rods slightly so they would be parallel to the door at both the bolt and the top and bottom. As it comes the rods are slightly angled. Then I had to bend the upper guides down so the rod would not come out when retracted. Now it works with no resistance of binding at all. The keys seem sturdy enough and don't seem like they would ever break now that the lock turns freely. It does take a while to install the shelves, but all the holes are in the right places thankfully. You do have to loosen one of the gun supports to get the center partition in--they don't mention that. When you install the shelves on one side there is one left over which I installed 5.5 inches above the floor to raise my short carbine up to rest on the barrel supports. There are holes for this on the center partition and it is supported by a 1x6 on the other side. This is sturdier and the metal is thicker than I feared it might be. The metal measures 1.18 mm including the paint. I'd this means the steel probably 20 gauge if that means anything to you. I would have appreciated having this in the product description. Yes, a determined person could pry this open with a good bar and some time and effort, but the three point lock would make it difficult. The instructions suggest mounting this as close to the left wall as possible to make this harder and it would. That wasn't and option for me. It would be nice if they could have devised a better way to make it more difficult. On the whole this is very nice for what it is and what it cost me.

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Probably should not buy

VanWilder December 17, 2014

This is my third Stack-On security cabinet. I bought the last one 5 years ago. Same as the 18 gun model I just got. Liked the first two fine. The 2014 model is MUCH harder to assemble, the top shelf bent when I took it out of the box, the upright shelf feels like some sort of pot metal (bends when you look at it) and these instructions are not much help probably because they were stapled together out of order. The barrel holders are not much use at all besides not matching the pre-drilled holes If I ever do get this one together I will not be buying another. Go with a pre-assembled safe.

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JMR798 February 25, 2015

Just to start, if you want a safe buy a safe, don't complain that this isn't a safe. Its a medium duty gun cabinet. It's meant to store your fire arms and keep them safe from your kids and It does a great job of that. Don't listen to bad reviews that try to compare apples to oranges. Also great customer service. The lock tumbler was jammed somehow and would not release the key for what ever reason, factory defect i would assume, they are sending me a new lock assembly no questions asked, no hassle. Great product!

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It's a security cabinet...but OH MY!

Jeff March 17, 2015

Arrived for pickup at store (my choice, some reviews noted dents) several days earlier than stated. Box had some damage but cabinet was defect free. Cabinet gauge is pleasantly more heavier than expected and fit and finish is also better than expected. Keys were taped to bag covering cabinet. Wish locking mechanism was a bit more beefier, but then it is a security CABINET! Expecting unauthorized determined access denial , I'd buy a Stack-On safe. Shelving, gun supports and foam pads were easy to install. Large fender washers and mounting screws included, thank you! The cabinet interior is big enough to store my modest gun collection including my ammo which is in separate fire resistant cans. To sum up, very happy... great price, free shipping, wonderful product, adds to peace of mind. Would recommend this to a friend!

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Stack-On 18-Gun Cabinet Review

XxLaloCuraxX May 8, 2012

Overall, considering quality of materials and the amount of money it costs, the I give this item a 10 out of 10. I own 3x rifles, 2x shotguns (28" being the largest)and one AR15 and there is plenty of room to fit at least 5x more comfortably with the way I currently have it configured. The assembly was pretty intuitive and only took me less than 1 hour from start to finish. Take care to look at the pictures in the instructions carefully or you could end up installing the shelves upside down or backwards. Overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase. I opted to install all of the shelving on the right side along with the top shelf to give me room for my pistols and ammunition. I also ended up attaching it to the studs on my wall and floor and this thing is not going anywhere. Now, if I'm an experienced burglar, have the right tools and plenty time, I could find my way into this cabinet. But not without having to cut metal or prying the door open with a crowbar. I would definitely suggest bolting this cabinet down to the wall studs and floor, otherwise it could pretty easily be carried out with all your items still inside it. Empty I was able to carry it from the car into the house with little effort. With it full, I could see two guys pick this up and run with it out the door. The only thing I would change is the foam padding for the bottom area. My unit is still pretty new but I could already see some permanent indentations from the butts of my rifles. Not a big deal at all.

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