14 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Model # FS-14-MB-E

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Holds 14 Firearms up to 52" Tall, or 7 Firearms and Storage, or All Storage. Available in Black Matte Paint Finish.


California DOJ-approved firearms safety device.
This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. Electronic lock includes a drill resistant, hardened steel plate behind the lock for greater security. A backup key is included. Batteries are accessible from the front of the safe and are easy to replace.
Fire Proof for 30 minutes up to 1400° F.
Tested and verified to be fire resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400° F by ETL an independent testing lab.
2-Way locking with 1" steel live action locking bolts - 5 locking points.
2-Way locking with 3 - 1" steel live action locking bolts and 2 dead bolts for 5 locking points.
Adjustable shelves are included.
Safe holds 14 firearms up to 52" tall, or 7 firearms and storage, or all storage. 4 Adjustable shelves and fully carpeted interior included.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 19” W (48.3 cm), 20-1/4” D (51.4 cm), 55” H (140 cm)
  • Interior Dimensions: 16.65" W, 14.91" D, 52.76" H
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 7.6 (13134 Cubic Inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 280 lbs.
  • Interior Capacity: 14 guns / 7 guns & storage / all storage
  • Number of Shelves: 4
  • Locking Points: 5 (3-1" Live Action Bolts, 2-Steel Dead Bolts)
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 20-1/2" W, 23-1/2" D, 56" H
  • Color: Black matte paint finish with chrome accents
  • Notes: Not recommended for storing CD's or other electronic storage devices. Fastening hardware is included with each safe.

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TD September 5, 2012

This safe is solid and has great configurable storage. I purchased this from a Stack-On retailer who had lost the owners manual. Customer service was supurb and taught me how to program the electronic combination. The fire protection is a much appreciated bonus. For the price and quality I highly recommend this safe.

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chipnseneca August 30, 2012

I'm very pleased bought a 14 gun safe electric lock every thing i expected!! Worth the money!

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Gun Safe

SEC August 27, 2012

Very pleased with this safe purchase.I seen a picture and specs of this safe. When I went to buy it the location had just received them. They were still boxed. I purchased seen only by a picture and specs. After setting up my safe it was much more than I expected. Great price for what I received.

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Great for the money

kep4321 October 2, 2012

I did my research pretty carefully before buying this safe by checking out all the major local hardware and sporting goods/hunting outlets in my area. I had a price range in mind and I knew I wanted somehting fire resistant with an electric lock (quick access) and heavy enough that it wouldnt be able to walk away easily. I got this safe and was very pleased with the weight (300lbs empty) and the sturdy feel and appearance of the safe. I like the adjustable shelves and the additional brackets included for scoped rifles. Lets be real, most people have scopes on their target and hunting rifles so they are very useful. As is true with any safe you buy the capacity is a bit stretched. The 14 gun capacity quickly dips as you add rifles with detatchable magazines and scopes. The only real thing that I didn't like was the quality of the carpeting on the shelves and floor of the safe. The carpet was loose on the floor and the shelves were not carpeted all the way around. If you sit on the floor or lean down you can see bare wood on the bottom of the shelves so I fixed these issues myself and didn't try calling anybody to complain. Keep in mind that none of my gripes even come close to a deal breaker. I think the price I paid for what I got was a very good deal and I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a good, solid entry level safe for the avarage gun owner or collector with a modest rifle collection.

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Great Quality and Value

RR October 28, 2012

After much time comparing safes online I decided to buy this one. It is the right size for my needs, it has the features I want and it is competitively priced. It was packaged well enough to survive the trip unblemished and intact but unboxing and removal of packaging was a quick and easy. The exterior finish of the safe is well done and visually appealing. It's almost a shame the purpose of a gun safe requires it to be located out of public view. The keypad functions nicely, there is a tactile response, a flashing light and an audible tone when a number is pushed. There is a separate light when the correct combination is entered and the audible tone can be easily deactivated if you so desire. Changing the combination is quick and easy and the trouble key operates as smoothly as a marble rolling on a pane of glass. The mechanical portion of the locking mechanism is smooth and feels secure. The shelves go in quick and easy and and to give you an idea of how much weight they will support I have one with 400 rounds of 9mm and 200 rounds of .38 on it. I hope the fire endurance feature of the safe is never required, but it is one of the features which made me choose this safe over others in its price range. In the near future I will be purchasing the light and de-humidifying kits for my safe to make it a fully functional place to store and protect my firearms. Full disclosure, there was a problem with my safe on delivery. While I was unhappy about that it was easy and quick to get resolved and the quality of telephone support made me feel like a valued customer. The 5 star rating is a reflection of the safe and the level of customer support behind it.

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Not Bad

Firemedic December 8, 2012

Very nice safe... Purchased from walmart yesterday. It is sturdy and heavy. I wish stack-on would have had pre-drilled holes in area that made sense instead of at the corners where you can not get a hammer or driver in for your anchors. As for anchors the holes drilled will not fit a half inch anchor that is recomended from safe installers. Also you will need to drill out the gypsum on the bottom to install on to the floor. Not a big deal though. Use a hole saw that the anchor washer will fit into. drill out the gypsom board. Place your washer then drill the hole...if using a half inch wedge anchor (common at lowes or home depot) you need to drill a 5/8 hole to accomodate the larger wedge. Use the half inch concrete bit on the flooring!!!! hammer it in...set you wedge and you are good to go..Only four stars since i had to do that much work... Stack-on...either move you holes or dont drill any at all... mike

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Easy on the wallet

Mrbobby December 3, 2012

Very nice safe for the price. I picked mine up from Walmart, the bad thing it wasn't in a box and it was a little scratched up. I feel a lot more at ease knowing my firearms are now locked up and not just sitting in the closet.

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perfect setup

whtcuda December 25, 2012

Great security , and being fire proof is just another plus. Was looking around for a security cabinet. Checked a major sporting goods stores . Went on line checked Wal-Mart to see if they had a good quality , well know brand. They handle these , and from the info I gathered from stores and the web...combined with Wal-Mart price..put 2+2 together and added up to Stack-On ! Only problem was with the backup key..The first time to set up to set code...it was easy ! But the key would not turn to remove. Tried a couple hours , nothing ! Called customer service...After trying a couple things. Barb in customer service. Said take the entire assembly out and return...the very next day...I had the replacement, via...U.P.S...over night... It's great to know , that people like Barb have the knowledge of what the company sells. People who know what "customer service "...is. Can not say enough about Stack-Ons customer service ! Great safe , and a great piece of mind for. A great price . Do your home work , before investing.....Think you'll settle on Stack-On. Adjustable shelves , space for hand guns and long guns and ammo.

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Best for the money AND weight

MeAmigo November 22, 2013

I wanted a safe with shelves and adjustable interior. Some safes I seriously considered were too heavy (500 pound + range). I decided to purchase two of these at 306 pounds, and with the doors removed, they can easily be moved, and I could take them home myself and unload them myself; which saved on a VERY expensive delivery charge on a much larger/heavier safe. You cannot beat this particular safe for the money and features. I use one for handguns and the other for long guns.

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Feel Better Now

Joe S. January 8, 2013

Now that I got this great safe I feel better about my gun storage.

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Bob V January 27, 2013

Purchased mine at Wal Mart--1 of 5 they had left on New Years Eve--qreat price---quality as good as exected--big enough for my needs. Made it better that Wal Mart reduced the price to move the remaining day after New Years and I was able to capitalize on the reduced price with the store management--Happy I bought it but as 1 buyer made comment on the "unfinished" bottom shelves--would have costed probably a dollar more to finish the shelves. Very happy with the end product.

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GREAT Product!

THUNDER March 12, 2014

This safe is Great, you can not beat this safe for the price you pay. I have 4 rifles and one pistol plenty of room for my guns and ammo. Be sure to shop around I have seen this safe go for $700 plus. I got mine for $390

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Best All Around

YES February 19, 2013

I looked in person at 7 major retailers/gun shops and everywhere online. This was the ONLY safe I could find that had everything I needed: fire resistant, adjustable shelves on both sides for holding guns and documents at the same time, quick access (imagine trying to use a dial combo in a hurry, it’s like going back to the rotary phones, and going around 4x3x2x1 rotations every time you need to access is a pain), small enough to fit in a closet or discretely in the corner of a room, large enough to hold rifles, heavy enough that it won't be easy to walk out with, sturdy enough that it can't easily be broken into if I'm away on vacation, fully carpeted, and a good appearance. The price was just an added bonus. I was surprised that most safes this size are made for guns only with only a small top shelf, and to get anything equivalent that was also fire resistant would have required me to double the price and size. The only minor drawbacks as others have stated, the pre-drilled holes on the bottom aren't the most symmetrical and the holes on the back do not fit your standard 16 inch wall stud spacing. You must drill through the fire resistant material for your specific configuration, which is expected. There are only 2 red markings on the bottom inside that should line up with the pre-drilled holes through the metal, which were both smudged (there were not markings for the other 4 holes on the bottom or the back holes). Instead of guessing and hoping the smudges would line up to the outside holes in the metal, I leaned the safe on its back and drilled from the outside bottom - problem solved. Be careful: I measured and the pre-drilled holes on the bottom near the edges of the walls don't all line up with the inside empty space of the safe. In other words, if you drill from the outside bottom you could be drilling into the side walls of the fire resistant material instead of into the empty safe cavity, or the holes could be too close to the inside walls to place the washer and secure the bolt. The holes aren't a deal-breaker at all and a minor observation only. The hidden placement of the key hole gives me a peace of mind that my children will not be able to open it, even if they did somehow find the hidden backup key(s). Being able to choose your own combo with various digit lengths is great because not everyone uses the same number of digits in their favorite combo. I added 2 re-usable silica gel desiccants from the place online that reminds me of a large river in the jungle, and a small inexpensive fireproof safe designed for CDs, hard drives, and jump drives since this isn't. The smaller version is now double protected and no one can walk off with it (these versions can’t be drilled to the ground). I would recommend this safe to anyone with the same needs.

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Decent but some issues

FWilson February 21, 2013

Outside was awesome, solid and well built. Love the electronic lock and the trouble key is very secure. The inside is where the problems were. Carpet was poorly glued down and just pitiful looking. When I took the bottom carpet out to bolt it down, discovered the drywall material was cracked and some missing. Outside of safe: A+ Inside of safe: D-

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Good Purchase

BruceW October 30, 2013

A great safe for the price. The local Walmart had one left and the price was unbeatable even at walmart.com. Fit and finish on the inside is not the best, but nothing I can't live with or fix easily. The shelf brackets are slightly off from side to side so the shelves are ever so slightly slanted. Hardly noticeable, but the factory in China could have done better. Something to be said for American made products, a bit more pride taken. The floor carpet is crumpled, I suppose this is because of the padding attached on the underside of the carpet and it is removable so you can bolt it down. I can get the carpet to lay down properly, but it may take a bit of work. The outside fit and finish is great, the door shuts tightly and all looks good. At 300lbs it has 125lbs on my, but I was able to get it out of the car myself with quite a bit of effort, but it is manageable. I would suggest however you get some help moving it around, especially if doing stairs. Overall for $397 + tax it was a good purchase and I will feel better having my guns stored in it.

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Great Safe!!! Could use some additional accessories

Norm November 4, 2013

Great safe. Rock solid and the electronic locking system was simple to setup and allows for codes up to 7 digits. The backup keys (2) are truly impossible to copy and are as solid as the safe. I would highly recommend this safe to anyone concerned about keeping their rifles, pistols and other valuables safe & secure. I do have three recommendation to make. All are related to accessories I'd like to be able to purchase in order to better meet my needs as well as those of other customers who want to maximize on their investment. 1) Sell additional Shelves (Four come standard). I could use at least 3 more. 2) Sell additional Clips for holding selves or other stuff (keys, lanyards as well as replace broken ones). 3) Sell additional rifle insets that can be hooked to the vertical shelf rails (allows for 32"-35" M4 style rifles as well as other small rifles). Insets should be available in 2 sizes, 2 rifle and 4 rifle. Well that sums it up, you can't go wrong with this safe. Its a rock solid investment. Thanks, Norm

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Great safe and customer service

Colt March 26, 2014

I bought this safe January 2012 and just recently was having problems with the locking solenoid. I called stack on and explained.The lady I spoke with new exactly what I was talking about and sent one to me with a new key .I received it within a week and a half! Very pleased with the safe and customer service!!

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Excellent customer service

Sam L. April 30, 2014

The safe was purchased as a last unit floor model at Wal-mart. After trying it out awhile, I noticed the locking handle seemed to move excessively in the locked position. I contacted customer service and expressed my concern, and after verifying purchase and problem, a replacement safe was delivered and swapped out. Unpacking it later that day, I noticed a dent and flaking paint above the door unit. I contacted customer service again and spoke with the same service person from my original problem. Again without hesitation, and very apologetic for my inconvenience, a replacement was again sent out. I am now very pleased with my safe as a very good unit for the price. I cannot say enough about the excellent customer service that Stack-On embraces. I will continue to purchase and recommend Stack-On products as they have renewed my faith in what good customer service is all about, and is lacking in so many other companies. A big thank you to Bonnie for your perseverance to resolve my issues. Sam L. Upstate, N.Y.

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keypad stop work the day I got it at 9am and by 5pm it stop working

Rob December 31, 2014

I just bought the gun safe today from Menard s in Matteson.il ,1 through 6 stop working so I been using 7 through 9 so far that works but is there a way to be replaced with another one keypad or do I have to keep using the 2 keys that came with it I was so happy about the safe until the key pad stop working please help me and this safe was not a floor display it was still in the box

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keypad problem

rls44 March 8, 2015

I had my gun vault for about two years. The a part of the key pad went went dead. The stack-on company was very helpfull. They sent parts to fix it. New computer board inside the door. But that was not the problem. It was the keypad itself. Which they sent me without any problem. I was able to fix the problem without any issue except forgot how to program but was able to look online using stack-on site. I was very pleased with the help i got from stack-on company.

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