Stack-On Products Company Announces Sponsorship with Buck Commander

  Wauconda, Illinois – June 9, 2010

Stack-On Products Company announced today that they have signed a one year sponsorship agreement with Buck Commander.

Buck Commander is a fascinating hybrid between compelling, reality, character-driven television and heart-pumping hunting action. Outdoor Channel viewers flock to see the wild antics, pranks and spur-of-the-moment events of this group led by the Buck Commander, Willie Robertson, of Duck Commander fame, and composed of Major League Baseball players Chipper Jones, Ryan Langerhans, Adam LaRoche, Tom Martin and Matt Duff. Hunting enthusiasts and sports fans will get an inside-look at the on and off the field lives and personalities of these sports figures.

“Stack-On’s product line of security cabinets and safes is a natural product fit with Buck Commander” said Shelley Nehrt, director of marketing for Stack-On Products Co. “Much like Buck Commander, which reaches out to the hunters who get out into the field, get dirty and enjoy the hunt, Stack-On’s safes and security cabinets offer the features and price points that provide a great value and security for the dedicated sportsman.”

Buck Commander can be seen on the Outdoor Channel with the first airing on July 3rd 2010 at 7:30 pm EST. Buck Commander will showcase character-development throughout the year. Three huge hunting trips are scheduled throughout the year one at Chipper’s ranch, LaRoche’s ranch and Duff’s lease. Besides these 3 main trips, there are numerous side trips to Oklahoma and Illinois with some of the guy’s road tripping between spots.

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