E-13-MB-E-S Product SeriesSPASPR-1504_Package_1r1_19CSPASPR-1504-Prop-Gun-In-Hand

4-Position Hanging Pistol Rack

4 position hanging pistol rack mounts to the back of a shelf to make use of unused space.

Model #: SPASPR-1504

This space-saving 4 position pistol rack makes use of the space below shelves. The steel rack is coated to avoid damage and corrosion to hanging pistols. Installation is easy with the provided screws; the rack can be installed on any shelf that is at least 8″ wide and no thicker than 5/8″.

Product Specs
External Dimensions: (W x D x H)

5.25 x 2.5 x 8.75″

  • Hanging design maximizes use of storage space
  • Rack coated to prevent handgun damage and corrosion
  • Rack coated to prevent handgun damage and corrosion
  • Attaches easily to back of any shelf at least 8" wide (shelf thickness cannot exceed 5/8")

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