SPAPR-4 Pistol Rack 2012
SPAPR-4 Pistol Rack 2012SPAPR-4-proppedSPAPR-4-in-safe

4-Position Pistol Rack

4 position pistol rack with snap fit ABS modular design allows multiply units to be stacked.

Model #: SPAPR-4

This 4 position pistol rack features a unique modular design that allows multiply units to be stacked. The rack is made or a tough, non-marring ABS material and features an effortless snap fit assembly.

Product Specs
External Dimensions: (W x D x H)

4.25 x 1.5 x 11.75″

  • Unique modular design allows multiple units to be stacked
  • Made of tough ABS material
  • Feature snap fit construction

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