2012 Packaging

Moisture Elimination Packets

4 or 10 pack of Safe ‘n Dry moisture elimination packets; each packet draws moisture from 5-7 cu.ft.

Model #: SPAD-24

Each packet individually wrapped in a foil pouch to prevent activation, simply remove the foil and place the packet inside the safe to protect valuables from the damaging effects of moisture. Each activated packet draws moisture from 5-7 cu. ft. A recharge indicator on the outside of the packet indicates the status of the desiccant; packets can be reactivated by drying them in a standard oven 200° F for 3 hours. Available in 4 or 10 packs,

Product Specs

4 packets | 10 packets

  • Each packet draws moisture for 5-7 cu.ft.
  • Available in 4 or 10 packs
  • Includes recharge indicator

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