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Spring Turkey Season


February 02, 2018

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Spring turkey season is around the corner for every state (except Alaska) so we thought compiling a list of the best turkey hunting tricks would be a great way to get you (and us) excited and ready for opening day!

After scouring the internet and talking to fellow hunters, it seems that everyone has a theory on where the turkeys are and what types of land they reside in. When it comes down to it, turkeys need trees for roosting, water, food, open land and safe cover to escape predators. It’s widely believed that private land is more bountiful than public land, but with turkey populations booming across the United States, this belief doesn’t ring true. As long as there are trees high enough for roosting and roughly 10-50% of open land, you’re likely to find yourself a tom.

Besides turkey calls and decoys (we’ll get to that later), planting a turkey food plot could result in a successful day on the field. A food plot provides turkeys with an abundance of food. Clover, chicory and winter wheat plots offer turkeys nutritious forage from the plants. These plots attract a ton of insects. Hens need a hefty protein intake in the spring in order to produce eggs and most of that protein is attained from insects. Where there are hens, there are toms.

By now, you’ve found your land and perhaps have planted a food plot. It’s time to start calling! Turkey hunters often make two basic calls: the plain cluck and hen yelp. Those two calls will get you plenty of turkeys but other call sounds to learn consist of roost clucks/tree yelps, fly-down cackles, cutting, lost yelps and purrs. These sounds are easier to learn by listening to them so keep your ears open when you’re in the field.

Decoys can be your biggest friend when it comes to a successful turkey hunt. Seeing as toms are proud and dominant, the best combination for your decoys are jakes and hens. A tom would be very upset seeing a jake getting close in distance to a hen, resulting in him moving in to claim the area and giving you the perfect opportunity to get your gobbler.

Now that we’ve supplied some refreshing turkey tips, we hope you have a successful Spring hunt!