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Tips for Hunting in Winter


February 02, 2019

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So, the cold weather is upon us and you have two choices, begin watching hunting shows on the couch or pack up the hunting gear and get outdoors!

It is time to unlock that Stack-On Gun Safe, grab your gun of choice and pull together your warmest winter hunting gear. Before you head out, we have some tips to share with you on staying warm while you are out in the wilderness. We want you to survive the colder temperatures while enjoying what you love, hunting.

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Your goal is to have base layers, mid layers, and outer layers. Start with long johns as a base layer. You will want to stick with Merino Wool, for very extremely cold temperatures, however, polyester blends can be less expensive and great for more active hunts where you may sweat. Next, move to your mid layers, it is important that these are not too bulky as the purpose of layering is to keep you warm but as you begin to warm up, you can remove some. Lastly, outer layers are based on your personal preference. We always recommend staying away from the loud articles of clothing and sticking with outwear that fits the temperature you will be in. Depending on the temperature, you may want to even consider a heated bodysuit for additional comfort. Always stray away from cotton as this will absorb the cold.

Head, Hands & Feet

Now that we have your layering handled, we need to be sure your head, hands, and feet are properly covered. It has been said these three body parts are what control your body temperature so during the long winter hunts you must be prepared to control this. Similar to layering, stay away from cotton.

Many hunters have a preference if they like to shoot with gloves or not. If you prefer no gloves we recommend having hand warmers accessible in your pockets. You will want to consider a full face mask beanie and even a second beanie for extra warmth as most hunters find themselves walking into the wind rather than walking away from it. Many hunters have trouble keeping their feet cold. Be sure your boots fit loosely and you are wearing wool socks.

Pro Tip: Always keep an extra pair of socks in your pack.

All of us at Stack-On want you to be safe out there by keeping your body prepared for the winter temperatures and as always, having a great time!

Happy Hunting!