Tornado leaves devastation in its wake – Stack-On safes protect WWII Memorabilia


April 04, 2016

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Many of you may have heard of the tornado that hit Smithville, Kansas last month that left 70 homes damaged. We received images from our customer, Mr. Matt G. regarding his family’s Stack-On Safe, which was holding the family’s firearms and memorabilia when the tornado destroyed their home.

Mr. Matt G. wrote: “On March 6, my home was completely destroyed by a tornado. I had two Stack-On Safes in the basement. The green safe which you see in the attached photo literally saved our lives when it slid across the floor creating a barrier along with a steel door. I had a large collection of antique (WWII) firearms and memorabilia in the two safes. I am happy to report that both of the safes “did their jobs.” My firearms and memorabilia were the only things that were saved that night. The other safe was a smaller “Buck Commander” safe that was bolted to the opposite wall. The smaller safe actually served as our exit as we climbed onto the safe and exited over the foundation wall. Both safes took a beating and have lots of dents and removed paint, but otherwise, they withstood what the house could not.”

We are always deeply saddened to learn that anyone faces such loss, but we were relieved and happy to hear that Matt’s family and their irreplaceable items were intact. We thank Matt for permitting us to share his story!