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Why Winter is the Best Hunting Season


January 01, 2019

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Top Reasons that Winter is the Best Season for Hunting

Blood Trails

You can use this to your advantage. When a fresh layer of snow has fallen, blood trails are much easier to spot on a white landscape.


Winter conditions make tracking much less complex. When there is snow on the ground, prints are easier to spot as they will stay for longer periods of time. During the winter months, the air is much thinner, so noise will travel farther making it easier to hear the animal. Just remember, this makes you easier to hear too.


The color of orange is popular in the hunting world for safety. During the winter months with a blanket of white as far as you can see, you are sure to stand out to other hunters to ensure safety.

No Bites

Insects are not flying around when the temperature starts dropping. At 40 degrees Fahrenheit they can’t fly which makes winter hunting much more enjoyable.


If you find yourself hunting in white winter conditions, you can certainly camouflage to look identical to your surroundings. The more layers you have the less your scent gives off, making you invisible to the wildlife.

Meat cooling

Your meat will cool much faster with the cooler temperatures so there is not as much of a hurry for you to rush back to put your meat on ice to prevent spoilage. When needing to pack out your animal it will make such a difference when all you have to do is strap your animal to a sled and drag it out. With a blanket of snow on the ground, this will be a breeze.

The Adventure

Not many people are willing to brave the winter temperatures and wilderness. The ones who do are up to the challenge the environment provides. Knowing this, you are hunting alongside hunters who are experienced and really care about the sport.

The thrill of hunting during the winter is like none other. The landscape is breathtaking, quick and serene. You are sure to hunt with fewer people around than you would during the fall or spring months.

What is your favorite hunting season?